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Blomdahl medical grade piercing now @Keystone dermatology
with medical provider,  alexis palfey, BS, MHS, PA-C book your appointment today!



  • ​​​By appointment only (no walk-ins please)

  • Earlobes only

  • Ages 6 months (up-to-date on vaccines) or Older

  • Earrings are made of medical plastic (0% nickel) or medical titanium (<1% nickel)

  • Studs required to remain in lobe 6-8 weeks after piercing

  • Swimming is not recommended for 2-3 days after piercing

  • After the first 2 months, choosing 18k+ gold, sterling silver, or nickel free earrings are recommended to prevent infections, allergies, or irritations

  • price is out of pocket, not covered by insurance and includes: piercing by a medical provider under sterile conditions using the Blomdahl Medical Ear Piercing System, cost of the medical grade plastic earring studs, and an after care kit with instructions

alexis palfey, BS, MHS, PA-C

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